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How it Works

You relax and recline on a comfortable chair, the whitening process will be activated by our special cold blue light (not UV or laser). In 30 minutes your teeth will be a minimum 2 shades whiter and for many clients the results are 4 or more shades whiter in one treatment, and at a much lower cost, and much more effectively than other tooth bleaching treatments available.

We use the hydrogen Peroxide concentration (an oxidizing agent, consisting of hydrogen peroxide compounded with urea) combined with our special light’s energy to accelerate the process of bleaching and lighten the shade of the tooth. Our bleaching solutions use a non-abrasive gel that does not damage the tooth enamel. Our exclusive products aid in re-mineralisation of your teeth and have high water content to stop shade relapse by keeping your teeth hydrated during the bleaching treatment

See My Smile leverages the most advanced photo-activation technology and the latest discoveries in teeth whitening agents to accelerate the whitening process with maximum safety, hygiene and comfort standards. The combination of High Power Teeth Whitening Cold LED technology, utilising 14 Cool Blue Light and the patented 7 Cool Green Light (21 Lamps in Total) produces a combined wavelength of 530nm and a light intensity of 10,000 MCD and our proprietary gel containing 16% Peroxide , activators and photo-activated accelerators makes it possible to whiten teeth in both upper and lower dental arches at the same time, with stunning results in a single, 30 minute session.

1. Our advanced cool-light technology from Holland – the high intensity blue and green light is 5 – 8 times more effective than other systems; this assists to deliver beautiful white teeth in the shortest amount of time as possible.

2. The specific wave-length 530nm – accelerates the oxidization process.

3. The semiconductor light source this particular light source prevents the disadvantage of halogen and harmful UV light.

4. Unique design of the LED head unit the light comes in a perfect angle and radiates equally across the treatment area.