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About our Teeth Whitening

Our cosmetic treatment is completely safe and will not damage your teeth or enamel. For customers with normal, healthy teeth and gums there is no pain and no adverse side effects. You may experience minor sensitivity during and after the treatment, however this is normal and disappears quickly. For your comfort and safety only one 30 minute session can be booked at a time. After your treatment you can expect noticeably whiter teeth that will have you leaving the house smiling. We do not provide our services to people under the age of 16 or to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. We use USA developed technology, for maximum hygiene and optimal results. Our Whitening Assistants are fully trained, friendly and very professional in assisting you to apply your treatment.

Average results are 4-6 shades whiter with cleaner, brighter teeth.
Reports also show that plaque bacteria at the gum line can be destroyed in the process.

We can perform our teeth whitening treatment in the comfort of our Beauty Salon which is located at Wayne Bake Hair, Shop 2, 5/7 Lavelle Street, Nerang 4211 on the Gold Coast
Results The teeth whitening treatment is painless, causing little or no sensitivity and produces immediate visible results. Results vary from individual to individual dependent upon the type of staining that is being treated. Individuals who demonstrate a yellow hue to teeth generally respond more favourably to teeth whitening therapy than those with brown or grey hues, or those with moderate to severe conditions of fluorosis. Generally, individuals who undergo cosmetic whitening experience an improvement of 4 to 6 shades. Those who begin therapy already at a shade of 4 or 6 may not experience results as their teeth may be at their optimal shade. Pregnancy Tooth whitening therapy is not appropriate for women who are pregnant or suspect they are pregnant. Therapy should be postponed until delivery of your child.